Volunteer Spotlight

Dallas Snell

Arza Demi, the Volunteer Coordinator at C4R, was responsive, patient, and thorough in helping me get onboarded as a volunteer, walking me through the orientation process, and easing me into

Jerry Hardin

I wanted to give back as other have given me in my time of need, as Communities for Recovery helped me, I wanted to help others.

Pamela Casanova

I have learned to become part of a community that not only enables me to grow and learn, but to be able to give back to those

Denise Kilpatrick

What I really needed was a place I could find a purpose and a community that would support me in my recovery and after my first meeting

Julia Sanchez

First time I came in Communities for Recovery I was at the bottom of my life. I had CPS case; I was about to lose my child.


What made CforR so dramatically different, in my opinion, was that from the very beginning I never once felt like I was just another volunteer.

Ramis B.

Volunteering is a way of me making living amends to my family, to my friends, to people that I let hurt with my actions in the past.