Our Mission and Values

Communities for Recovery began when one man was inspired to give back to the addiction recovery community that had helped him during his time of need.

Our Mission:
We support long-term recovery for people with substance use and co-occurring mental health issues by partnering with other organizations in the community to provide peer-supported recovery services.

Our Vision:
Build a strong and healthy recovery community.

Our Approach:

Our Peer Recovery Coaching and our Volunteer programs represent the core of what we do in support of sustained recovery. While our coaching and support services help individuals get started on their road to recovery, we know that our volunteer program provides individuals with a sense of purpose and service, which is an invaluable component of recovery.

We are community based, and work to develop partnerships and collaborations with other agencies and organizations that align with our mission.

We support and advocate for developing a recovery oriented system of care in Central Texas and work actively in support of this approach to service delivery. We actively advocate for peer based recovery systems, services and supports at all levels: local, state and national.

Core Values:

Our community has identified these core values as the foundation on which we perform our work and conduct ourselves with each other. We practice these values daily and use them to guide us in everything we do.


We treat our peers, partners, and each other with respect, understanding, and compassion on our journey of recovery.


We create a safe space and communicate with honesty and openness. We recognize the connection between trauma and addiction and act with appropriate awareness.


We believe that each person has unique challenges and strengths which they know best. We value the power of self-direction in building sustainable recovery.


We welcome and support persons through all ages, stages, and dimensions of wellness. We build strength-based connections to achieve home, health, purpose, and community.


We recognize and celebrate the excellence which comes from diversity. We openly share our views and life experiences through authentic conversations; creating a space where transformation is possible.


We show up with understanding and empathy based on our shared lived experience. We support and honor all pathways to recovery!


We believe that recovery should be fun and we will do all this together with as much laughter and joy as we can!