Peer Recovery Support

There are many challenges in the journey to recovery from substance use disorder. A peer mentor or coach is someone who has lived experience in recovery and can help guide you along the way.

Peer support is the connection of persons with lived experience in recovery to persons seeking to achieve or sustain recovery. Science has shown that social support is vital in building the resources to sustain recovery. Peer support can come in several forms, one-on-one, groups, direct, indirect, etc.

Peer mentoring & coaching are services provided at Communities for Recovery for individuals to build strengths and resources to sustain recovery.  A person seeking to achieve or sustain recovery may work with a mentor or coach either one-on-one or in groups.

If you are interested in peer coaching or have questions send us an email, or call (512) 758-7686.

Formal paired coaching is provided through targeted programs and partner agreements. This is a one-on-one partnership with a peer recovery coach made through direct referral. A recovery coach engages with an individual in recovery-wellness planning to build recovery capital. This type of coaching is provided by trained and certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists (PRS).

If you are interested in learning more about our partner coaching programs send us an email or call (512) 758-7686.

If you want to learn more about how to become a coach check out the PRC Training Program.

Who can participate in Peer Recovery Coaching?

Anyone who is experiencing any type of addiction and/or mental health conditions can request a Peer Recovery Coach. To become a Peer Recovery Coach, you must have lived experience with recovery and at least one year of sobriety. You also need to become certified as a peer recovery support specialist (PRS) through our Peer Recovery Institute.

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Although they are trained helping professionals, Peer Recovery Coaches are not the same as sponsors, caseworkers, or clinicians. They don’t have to follow a specific treatment plan or program. Instead, they draw from their own lived experience, creativity, and wisdom to help guide and support someone earlier on in a recovery journey.

“How does a Peer Recovery Coach help?”

A Peer Recovery Coach serves as a trusted source of understanding, support and mentoring. The Coach collaborates with their peer in early recovery to help that person set goals, build strengths, and connect to resources that help support recovery. Peer Recovery Coaches work in our center and out in community settings to help individuals get what they need to strengthen their sobriety.

“C4R is a great place to learn about resources available to help maintain living a sober life. They also have a computer lab, clothing closet, meditation room, and classes available. My peer recovery coach has helped me navigate a direction best suited for my recovery. This place helped me adjust after coming out of a treatment facility. Grateful for their services.”  – Wendy