Ramis B.

Volunteering at Communities for Recovery has given me an opportunity to make a positive impact in other people’s lives, including mine. 


Volunteering is a way of me making living amends to my family, to my friends, to people that I let hurt with my actions in the past. Volunteering has given me a unique opportunity to take charge of my life, meaning I am being true to myself and my life purpose. Keep my resolve strong and focused on what’s important to me and contribute a lot of my time and energy into serving others. I volunteer full time not because somebody asked me but because I know this is my life now and Communities for Recovery is part of my family.

Volunteering at Communities for Recovery has been good way to gain experience and references for the course of my life, it is such an important learning like if I am in college but without dropping out this time.

I have never ever been so fulfilled and grateful like I am now. Thank you, Communities for Recovery!!!!

                                                                            ~Ramis B

Please use this link to donate to Communities for Recovery.