Program Spotlight: CforR’s Family Program

Communities for Recovery is proud to of launched our first Family Program ever this year! To learn more about it, we asked Family Program Coordinator and Peer Recovery Coach, Peggy Robinson, about this exciting new endeavor.

  1. What is the goal of the Family Program?

When people hear the word recovery if is often associated only with a person who is or has been a substance abuser or addict.  Our Family Program wants family members and allies to know that there is also recovery for the family members from the chaos, isolation and family dysfunction which often occur when someone loves an active substance user or has a close relationship with one.  Recovery is defined like this: “a process of change in which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential”. In other words, recovery is for EVERYBODY!  Often, family members and allies get so focused on their loved ones that they forget to take care of themselves, and that’s where the Family Program comes in to focus.

“recovery is for EVERYBODY”

2. What are the day to day activities you do in your role to support the Family Program?

A lot of my work has been centered on reaching out to community partners that are supporting individuals struggling with substance abuse, or are currently in recovery, and talking with them about different ways that we can support their families on this journey.  I attend a lot of community activities to foster awareness about the strains that substance abuse and mental health conditions place on the family and the family system.  We have developed a Family Education Program that we offer to these partners, and I have been trained as a Peer Recovery Coach.  As a peer recovery coach, I have lived experience as the parent of an addict, and can understand and empathize honestly with other parents, giving them a safe place to talk about their own needs. I meet family members where they are in their own recovery, and help them create their own wellness-based recovery plan, so they can continue to “breathe” and stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.  So often, family members and allies focus on others and neglect their own needs.  

“As a peer recovery coach, I have lived experience as the parent of an addict, and can understand and empathize honestly with other parents, giving them a safe place to talk about their own needs.”

3. Why is it so important to have a program for loved ones affected by addiction?

Supporting loved ones affected by addiction can be exhausting.  Family systems become strained or broken under the weight of constant stress and dysfunction.  Family members and allies can’t support their loved ones if they are falling apart themselves. By offering support, education and access to resources for them and their loved ones, our Family Program helps to lighten the load and encourages more self-care and wellness.

4. How can one get involved with the Family Program?

By calling Communities for Recovery! If you need support or want to volunteer for our program just call us.  

5. What is your favorite thing about working for CForR?

Knowing that I am actively providing support for families is an amazing feeling.  I am a “helper” by nature and to be able to work in the area of my passion is a blessing for me.  I love the slogan, “You got to give it to get it,” and working for CforR and supporting other parents and family members helps me to stay on track with my own recovery.  Being able to work with the caring and talented staff at CforR is the icing on the cake.  Recovery truly happens here.

6. Anything else you would like to share about our Family Program?

Communities for Recovery has a variety of wellness and recovery meetings that are offered free to the community and we want families to benefit from them.  I encourage family members to check our calendar at  and attend some of these classes.