WRAP-Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Communities for Recovery is proud to provide a variety of support services for people with substance use and co-occurring mental health conditions. One of the ways in which we support peers living with a dual diagnosis is by offering workshops and training that will help in their daily life and personal recovery journey.  One of the workshops that we offer is Wellness Recovery Action Planning or  WRAP®. 

 WRAP®  is a structured system that assists you to monitor symptoms you find distressing.  It helps you reduce these symptoms by thinking about what works, planning ahead and building a network of people who are willing to help you in a crises. WRAP® was developed by Mary Ellen Copeland, and is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)  as an evidence based practice .

WRAP training empowers you to continue on your recovery journey, despite any challenges you may face on a daily basis.

WRAP has the following goals:

  • You learn how to implement the tools of recovery in your day-to-day lives
  • You  learn how to organize a list of your wellness tools
  • You create a crisis plan,  that guides the involvement of your individuals that you identify-friends, family members and allies -when you face a crises and can no longer take appropriate actions on your own behalf
  • You learn how to develop an individualized post-crisis plan

The WRAP system was designed to help people who have been dealing with a variety of mental health symptoms for many years, and who are working hard to feel better and get on with their lives. WRAP has been used in the mental health recovery community both in Texas and nationally, but Communities for Recovery has added the substance use recovery component developed by Mary Ellen Coupland. We think it is a perfect fit for individuals looking for new tools on their recovery journey from any addiction.

CfoR’s current  WRAP® class is 8 weeks long, and is happening now through February 5th at our center! Contact Cheryl Friedman, trained WRAP® Facilliator, at cheryl.friedman@cforr.org with any questions.