Becoming a Better Version of Myself!

S.H.I.N.E. has really helped me in multiple areas of my life. First, it has made me more aware of my thoughts, behaviors and attitudes. It has also helped my recovery by connecting with like-minded human beings, and they say the opposite of addiction is connection!  So in this way it is really helping my recovery in staying connected..


Not only has S.H.I.N.E. helped me stay connected and with awareness, but with an action to help solve the problem. 

I really took a lot from the Conscious Communication series, where we practiced our listening skills.(or lack thereof LOL!). I really enjoyed all the classes but particularly this one where we practiced listening skills with a partner. When we practiced this, I became aware that sometimes I am already thinking about what to say verses REALLY listening. So now I try to really be present when I’m listening.. (Progress not perfection!)

This class, along with guided meditations with Fred, have helped me significantly in communicating better and helped me become more self-aware while at the same time practicing self-compassion. Now, with the awareness around certain behaviors, thoughts, patterns etc… I can actually really begin to change them with daily practices and time. . Thank you SHINE, Communities for Recovery and my peer coach, Gloria, for helping me become a better version of myself!!! 

                                                                            ~Caroline B

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